Mobile Mesh

The Ammbr Mobile Mesh Router is a light-weight device for portable applications.

  • Blockchain transactional capabilities
  • Multi-radio capabilities
  • License Exempt (Wi-Fi, TVWS)
  • IoT and other wireless technologies
  • Self-healing, self-managing
  • Portable or fixed
  • Various antenna options

The Ammbr Hex Router provides outdoor fixed wireless access infrastructure.

  • Solar powered
  • Blockchain transactional capabilities
  • Multi-radio capabilities
  • License Exempt (Wi-Fi, TVWS)
  • IoT and other wireless technologies
  • Self-healing, self-managing
  • Various mounting options
  • Various antenna options
Solar Ammbr Hex Router
Ammbr Router

The Ammbr Home Mesh Router changes the face of last-mile connectivity.

  • Modular hardware – different functional platters
  • Blockchain transactional capabilities
  • Multi-radio capability
  • Licensed bands (cellular)
  • License Exempt (Wi-Fi, TVWS)
  • IoT and other wireless technologies
  • Edge Computing / Edge Cloud

The Blackbird Hardware Wallet is air-gapped with optical transfer.

Keep private keys and digital assets safe from keyloggers, viruses, and bad actors trying to access your crypto through hacks and other methods.

Blackbird is a full round trip device that does not require interaction on your PC or mobile phone, ensuring optimal security.

Blackbird is market ready, and has been delivered to select clients. Distributors are welcome to contact us.

Sendx UI

SendX Financial Suite is a Blockchain driven payments rail combined with an ever-growing list of features.

  • Load Value via Merchant
  • Load Value via Bank
  • P2P Payments
  • International Low-cost Remittance
  • Bill payments

....and many more features.

Electra is a backoffice for conducting business.

  • Transact in either cash or digital value
  • Cash-in or cash-out for your customers
  • Conduct secure trade with other businesses
  • Smart contracts linking payments to terms
  • Mutually trusted ledgers of transactions
  • Maintain basic books
  • Capture accounts
  • Easier tax and compliance reporting
  • Move money cross border at a fraction of today’s cost
  • Provide this service to your customers as a licensed remittance agent
Electra SME Backoffice



Knowing who you are dealing with at the other end of the network has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in our connected world. AmmbrTech delivers an elegant, privacy preserving solution.

  • Air-gapped private key management
  • Full cryptographically secured interactions
  • Verification of claimed identity attributes
  • Blockchain-based verification lookup
  • Total user lifecycle management

AmmbrTech is building Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions based on our own performance silicon ASIC and consensus mechanism.

  • Proof of Velocity
  • Proof of Elapsed Time
  • Scalable Transactional Load
  • Ultra-low power usage

Our distributed ledger platform is designed to grow with the native micro-payments ecosystem of the Ammbr Mesh Network.


Last mile connectivity is a persistent problem in telecommunications that has left 4 billion people out of the Internet revolution. The Ammbr Mesh Network is poised to change that.

  • Fully distributed network
  • Distributed Ownership
  • Smart contract governance
  • Multi-frequency radio
  • Multi-protocol
  • Integrated Edge Computing

Ammbr enables individuals, businesses and other organizations to set up their own, fully monetizable wireless infrastructure, that seamlessly integrates with the wider Ammbr network.


Automation with intelligence is an exciting new field with many applications. AmmbrTech is actively embracing AI as an integral part of its solutions.

  • Load balancing
  • Autonomous drones
  • Governance logic
  • Security
  • Credit scoring

As this technology matures it will become as widely used as the fundamental silicon that drives our digital world.



The fundamentals of security in any realm is, firstly, being certain who, or what, you are interacting with.

Closing the digital divide is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we are at the "bleeding" edge of this.

Financial inclusion requires solutions that work for everybody. AmmbrTech has a Fintech range for everyone.

Enabling individuals and communities to create, store, disseminate and monetize content is essential to sustainability.

Once that has been determined, the next major challenge is securing data and infrastructure from attacks.

Connectivity is a basic enabler for all digital solutions at all levels of the socio-economic spectrum.

Tokenization, payment rails for individuals and businesses, fully distributed and trusted accounting.

Distributed infrastructure that truly services all of society builds equitable participation and diversity.

We conduct extensive academic research to validate and reenforce our development and the actual implementation of our solutions.

Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.