Starting a business is not easy. It takes so much more than an idea. Keeping your books balanced, managing payroll systems and other business operations are costly and would curtail the progress of any small business.

Hiring people to fulfil the tasks that are strictly necessary to keep your business afloat requires capital investment that most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have the access to. However, many of these tasks can be trusted in the hands of software that simplifies the human decision making to a point where you don’t require the level of expertise an accountant, a lawyer or a project manager does.

Technology has come such a long way since the ledger books, pocket calculators and legal pad that built major enterprises that play such a major role in the economy today. Today, your mobile phone can fulfil just about any function that any office would need as recently as 20 years ago – so what’s missing?
It’s simply that not every business owner has expertise in the fields of finance, compliance and research, for example. Instead, business owners assigned tasks to other people to carry out, while he or she took charge of more important decisions.

A back-office is the side of your business that doesn’t deal directly with customers and whose services are essentially unseen in your product. They are the people that keep the business ticking and keep things running smoothly. Back-office software has the technological solution to reimagining the workplace in a digital setting. On your device, you have artificially intelligent routing protocols that manage tasks, produce reports and give you total control over operations without having to have particular expertise. You can literally store your entire operation in the cloud and work from anywhere; and for a fraction of the cost of running a traditional back-office.
This idea is daunting to most people, as it will almost certainly result in job losses in every industry. However, the platform for innovation would be unparalleled and this is why you need Electra.

Today’s world focuses on getting a job; a future with Electra will focus on creating them. It is a simple formula that has bred prosperity since the dawn of economics.
Electra will be easily accessible through a smartphone-based app and allows you to run the key operations of your business in the background while you take care of all the important things. You are able to deal directly with customers and your imagination becomes the only limit to what you have the potential to do.

A near-perfect recipe for growth arises with payment gateways in the developing world that plague every point of sale. Platforms acquired in third-world countries couldn’t register customers, show transactions in real time or even give agents real time commission statements. As a result, it destroyed trust in the workplace as hawkers and shady businesses ran riot, because it was impossible to monitor transactions in real time. It’s this kind of issue that scourges developing economies and kicks small business to the curb.

The experts in the industry have analysed the problem and argued that you need a great payment gateway that enables creation and management of a robust agency network, banking, reconciliation and customer trust. Electra regards this challenge as a key barrier to the successful application of back-office technology.

As Electra grows and the network starts to expand, it will fuel the creation of an agent network. Agents will also be able to recruit other agents and, with every transaction visible to every part of the Electra network, business transactions in less formalised economies can be totally trusted and eliminate criminal opportunism.

Taking Electra to scale is critical and therefore, we will be emphasizing the robust agency network to make it a reliable back-office platform for all people living in all parts of the world.
Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can start a business with your fingertips.