About Us


Our Story

In 2016 a small group of entrepreneurs decided to change the world. Steeped in diverse backgrounds ranging from high-performance silicon chip design to international business, they combined their knowledge of technologies and businesses to conceive of the idea to build a platform that embodies their collective wishlist for the ultimate Internet experiences.

Ammbrtech is the vehicle for that journey.


Derick Smith
CEO / Founder
David Stempels
VP Sales
Rakesh Rajagopal
CSO / Founder
Kaustuv Ghosh
VP Marketing
Kumar Subramanian
Country Head India
Manoj Cherooparambil
VP Finance


city to rural

Ammbrtech has the main objective of building a high-speed data network in order to deliver digital services to consumers in a collaborative and inclusive manner. In order to effect this it is constructing a range of technologies and capabilities, often in partnerships, that will extend the network into areas and communities not currently served by traditional telecom operators.

This has mandated the formation of multi-disciplinary teams and out of the box thinking.

The culmination is a capability that spans silicon design, electronic design, product and solution development, network engineering, operations, marketing, sales and distribution, and governance

In the summer of 2019/2020 Ammbrtech is starting its deployments in several countries simultaneously, and has the ambition of becoming the fastest growing broadband network on the planet.


Excellence requires meticulous planning and design. The complexity implicit in as large an undertaking as Ammbrtech has embarked on requires exceptional design. While there is a place for iterative experimentation, the scalability requirements would make mistakes costly, if not disastrous. Furthermore, the diversity of audiences demands multi-cultural user-centric design. Driving connectivity is much more than a technical challenge.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

Vertically Integrated Development

At Ammbrtech we embrace the concept of Vertically Integrated Development (VI Development) and the benefits it bestows. Our team is able to develop

  • our own silicon, through full custom chip design for high performance, specialized chips
  • specialist embedded firmware
  • full electronic design and development
  • industrial and mechanical design
  • commercial product design
  • system and solution architecture
  • User interface and user experience design and development

As a result, Ammbrtech is able to leverage tremendous skill and deep domain expertise to achieve its business outcomes. Being in control of your entire technology and business stack, and selectively procuring or developing parts of it, is an incredibly powerful capability that can be purposefully applied to problem sets.