When it comes to understanding the democratisation of connectivity across the globe, we believe that there is no better figure in this field of research than Dr. Arjuna Sathiaseelan, who is currently serving as the CEO of Ammbr Research Labs (ARL).

Arjuna has been part of the AmmbrTech team since July 2017 and has played a key role in the extensive research and development of the groundbreaking technologies tied to the Ammbr Mesh Router. Arjuna provides invaluable insights into our efforts to identify the variables involved in the deployment of mesh networks.

Arjuna’s record when it comes to researching community Wi-Fi networks and the universal provision of internet access speaks for itself, starting with the position he held as as a Senior Research Associate at the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Here he directed Networking for Development (N4D Lab), conducting research on novel Internet architectures for improving and reducing the costs of Internet access. In addition to this, he founded and chaired the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) research group. He is also a member of the Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG). In conjunction with this, he serves on the advisory board of Ubuntu Power (an enterprise group focussed on providing affordable off-grid energy and Internet to Underserved communities), Ensemble Por la Difference (a social business incubator in the Democratic Republic of Congo), and the EU NETCOMMONS project.

Arjuna has also been involved in several Internet access projects around the world, including the deployment of wireless and cellular networks, as well as new Internet architectures for enabling flexible low-cost Internet access. He also:

  • pioneered one of the earliest integrated Information Centric Networking (ICN), Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) and IP deployments in the world,
  • headed up the first implementation of blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric on an actual mesh network (guifi.net),
  • deploying drone based mesh networks to provide lightweight operating system virtualization services (dockers and unikernels) in remote areas/disaster zones,
  • helped deploy wireless mesh and community cellular networks in several communities, and
  • mapped the African internet infrastructure and the web ecosystem.

Beyond this, Arjuna has led several successful consortia related to Internet access projects in EPSRC, EU FP7 and EU H2020. The GAIA research group in particular has brought together industry, academia and NGOs in networking and ICT development efforts. This has culminated in Arjuna and his peers making strides forward in understanding and scoping out the challenges to providing universal internet access and influencing industry standards, all of which could drastically improve the Internet landscape and inclusiveness.

Arjuna’s other achievements include serving as an advisor to the UN Foundation’s $75 million Digital Impact Alliance – which is funded by the Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID and SIDA.

In addition, Arjuna has been actively involved in the drafting of Internet standards at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), including the DVB-RCS2 Higher Layer Specification standardization at the ETSI TM-RCS.

His contributions towards academia have been extensive and include publishing around 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading international conferences, journals and workshops, including best paper awards at some of these conferences. He has given 25 invited talks, including several distinguished lectures.

Arjuna was a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen in the past, having worked on the Connected Digital Economy Hub and Networking initiative, while also operating as an Associate at the Center for Sustainable International Development (CSID). One major achievement includes founding and convening the ICT4D group.

Arjuna’s formal qualifications include a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from NIT, Trichy (India) and MSc in Computing Internet Systems and a PhD in Networking from King’s College London. He was also awarded the Young Alumni Achiever Award from NIT Trichy in 2016.

The AmmbrTech team is very pleased to boast of such a distinguished leader amongst our ranks and his work will play an integral role in our efforts to connect an additional 4 billion people around the world to the Internet.