AmmbrTech has grown out of an earlier Blockchain startup, but formally started in mid-2017 when the founders initiated a pivot to a mesh network strategy. The Ammbr Foundation was established to provide governance and oversight, and AmmbrTech Group restructured to provide research, development, manufacturing, and operational capabilities.


We uphold the rights of the individual, and the right to live in a society free of violence, corruption, crime, and intimidation. We strive to level the playing field for every person, to eliminate inequalities and restrictions on access to the Internet, financial services, energy, education, healthcare, and all the other services enjoyed by many, yet denied to many more.

Core Values

Integrity. Exceptionalism. Impact. Fearlessness. These are the core values that define AmmbrTech culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


In the AmmbrTech world we believe in the principle of decentralization, and that the natural progression of systems, business, and society is towards less hierarchical, more decentralized models. Our core technology and solution set reflect this belief.


AmmbrTech internally incubates product and solution development entities, which remain small and agile in order to continuously innovate. The product pipeline is assured of financial and commercial support throughout the product lifecycle, leaving development to continue with its core focus.


AmmbrTech collaborates with a growing list of Universities and research facilities, to cast a wide net for leading academic work to underpin our developments, and to act as an IP capture and commercialization path for academia.


AmmbrTech Group consists of a holding entity in Luxembourg, operational entities in the USA, UK, Ireland, Belgium, and Hong Kong, and research and development entities in the USA, UK, South Africa, and Singapore. We also hold minority equity in three other entities.
Our staff complement is 45 full time, 4 part time, and 26 outsourced.

The Ammbr Foundation is a not-for-profit entity set up in Singapore to represent and manage the intellectual property and licensing for the Ammbr Network, and to apply best practices in governance to the ecosystem.

Sendx addresses the payment needs of migrant and vulnerable communities worldwide. From the corner street vendor to the young man heading off to a foreign land to pursue his dreams. We aim to make the movement of funds and payments seamless, instantaneous and transparent between individuals and small businesses around the world.

Headquartered in McLean, VA, BWCS is a specialist contractor that provides mobile application development to the U.S. Army Core of Engineers, the NTC at Fort Irwin, CA, and the State of California. BWCS hosts and manage the government website www.Mojavedata.gov.
BWCS is the exclusive provider of Ammbr technology to the U.S. Government