AmmbrTech is a US based company with operational presence in North America, Asia and Africa. We are strategically focused on building connectivity and computing platforms that enable trusted interactions and the delivery of global and hyper-localized services and content.

Despite being a technology company, we are also technology agnostic, choosing to focus on the intended solutions and outcomes of what we are engineering.

Our core team capabilities are specialized and vertically integrated hardware and software design, development and production.

Our business development team comprises of local market specialists, industry specialists, compliance and risk professionals, and sales people.

We continue to build out distribution and operational capabilities and infrastructure in our major target markets in order to accelerate our market penetration. We already have presence in the US, India and South Africa, with distribution partners in several other markets.

Shortly our Canadian entity will also begin operations.

AmmbrTech counts among its partners several leading global companies as well as regional players that have exceptional knowledge of their respective markets.